25 Hours of comics and illustration – Rules

My little sea turtles ! READ THE RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are open to discussion but seriously, we repeat it hundreds of time during the marathon, most of your questions finds their answer here, so please read it ! Plus, it is easy to read and you are certain to discover things.

If you’re new to the concept, let’s say the «25 heures de la BD» is a drawing marathon. The goal is to create an artistic piece of 12 pages, as polished as you possibly can, in a 25 hours notice. If you’re familiar to the concept, let’s say the 25HBD is the zen sister of the 23HBD and they’re both daughters of the 24HBD. If you got lost in our explainations, no worries it’s anecdotic. The only important thing is to seriously read the rules below. There are two pages, it takes less thant five minutes to read. There even is a summary, just there !


You must create a 12 pages comic strip within 25 hours (cover page and last ‘credit’ page included) OR a series of 12 illustrations (again, first and last page count as well) portrait or landscape format (yes the 25HBD accepts both) as long as you respect the theme and constraint given at the start.

Your creation absolutly have to respect the theme revealed by our godfather at the start AND the constraint given by our sponsor. It is done so to prevent cheaters to prepare anything before the event

WARNING ! To be accepted by the website reader, the pages must be of a particular format ! You must of course work with the best possible quality and save your work at home as high resolution. Do so with your scans too. However, for the publication on the website, you must prepare lighter versions for the upload :
- JPG or PNG
- Width 800 pixels x height 600 pixels. Or vice versa, 600 by 800, as the 25HBD accepts the portrait format. Yeah !
And you must wear a flower necklace XD … or a turtle shell… or gladiator sandals this year (cliché for Greece, but it’s not our first one right ?). Or all three ! As you wish !


The fourth edition of the 25HBD will take place from Saturday the 27th of October at 1pm (France time zone) to Sunday the 28th of October 1pm. « Hey » you will say if you are new around here « that is only 24h ! ». Well NOPE, it does not ! In fact, during this special night, when it is time to do the time swap (which might be the last by the way), we wind up our watches by an hour and VOILA, bonus hour ! And it is not too much when you want to do things right if you ask me. But watch out english speaking turtles from all around the planet, we will start at 1pm « FRANCE TIME ZONE ». The website’s clock will indicate the right countdown towards the end of the marathon. But please, please, pleaaaaase, work out at what time you need to start BEFORE the D day, depending on where you are on the planet :)


The 25HBD are open to all, professionals or amateurs, all that matters is that you wish to spend 25 hours together. Minors will have to ask their parents’ approval to participate. A signed statement on oath while signing up might be asked.


But of course ! All collaborations are possible. Make a collective narrative or work out a scenarist-cartoonist-colorist collaboration for exemple. During your collective sign up, it is necessary to cite every artist of the team and choose a team name, together.


It is highly recommended. You can organise a gathering with other participants if you dispose of a place big enought and well equiped. A (french) guideline was written to help you out.


Sign ups are to be made on the 25HBD website : 25hbd.com

Please sign up as soon as possible, in order to avoid any disturbance to the administrator team during the marathon with technical difficulties you might encounter. Thank you ;) You will need an email adress, not too weird or compilcated, an avatar and a short depiction of yourself. You can – it is optional – program a streaming for your 25HBD and provide a link to your channel (with the provider of your choice, but do test it before hand, for safety). Webcam is totaly optional though, and we highly discourage minors to use it.


Every techniques or art form are welcome. You only need the supplies to draw, a computer, a table and a decent internet connection. You must create a complete version of a 12 pages comic strip in 25 hours (cover page and last « credits » page included ) OR a series of 12 illustrations (cover and last page included too) using a landscape or portrait format. Your creation must absolutely respect the theme revealed by our godfather AND the constraint given by our sponsor at the start of the event.


I REPEAT : Sign-up as soon as possible, before the D day please. The team will be better off without technical difficulties to work on during the marathon. Thank you ;)

WARNING, to be accepted by the website’s format, which has a special functionning, your pages must be prepared in a specific format. You must of course work with the best possible quality and save your work at home as high resolution. Do so with your scans too. However, for the publication on the website, you must prepare lighter versions for the upload : JPG or PNG, width 800 pixels x height 600 pixels (Or portrait format : 600 width, 800 height).

During the marathon, when you will have created your first pages or illustrations, we recommend to upload the light versions on a regular basis in you contestant’s album, and put them in the right order. Please do not make the mistake to upload all your work at the last minute : a lot of participants did so in a previous session and catastrophes happened more than once. Image your scanner or your internet connection fail you while you are already stressed out ! (Yes, machines can sense those things :D )

Furthermore it is nicer for the readers and the other participants to see new pages arriving on a regular basis during the marathon. It is better than waiting for Sunday 1pm to read everything.

Other advantages of publishing on a regular basis : discover the readers’ advices, obtain spelling corrections and most of all receive heaps of encouragements ! And if regardless of our advice (or because you are in a total panic) you decide to upload everything last minute, make sure to do it before the deadline if you want to obtain the golden turtle. The website’s intractable clock will determine if you deserve your trophy.

(Note : participations that look like a cheat and that have not been automaticaly detected by the server will be manually eliminated and the contestant will be bannished.)


Ha ha no. First of all, it is not convenient. Second, it is quite hard to find. We already thought of a lighter, easier to find, funny and cool gathering sign : the famous hawaïan flower necklass. You will find a plastic version almost anywere. If not, you can craft one yourself with fresh flowers, that ladies and gentlemen, is A1. Oh, and this year, as we are going on Kimolos Island, Greece, you can wear gladiator sandals !


It exists, but it is a virtual one ! Participants are invited to meet up on Facebook or the Discord channel, in private spaces, animated by our very own admin teams.

These VIP spaces are for contestants only. They will receive the entering links by email or private message. These virtual spaces are traditionally virtual bars on the beach and allows a strongh support between participants during the marathon, both morally and technically, always in a good atmosphere. Of course, these won’t be the same links as past years. The 2015 hawaïan hut is preserved in respect to Ariane aka Bob Watson. This year, it will be a bar by the sea, Cyclades vibes.

RECALL : The participation to the marathon IS NOT LINKED to you presence in the VIP lounges. No one is forced to loose their time there if they wish to remain focused.

Meanwhile, we keep to ourselves the entry AND exit right of the virtual spaces we are running, without any justification to a people’s court or desperate/agressive lynching. We organise all of this free of charge, we give ourselves, our time and even our money for our coolest participants’ enjoyment. So, regardless of the bad seagulls, we keep the right to choose with whom we wish to spend our week-end

Thank you and love to you all


Nothing my dear little turtles. Actually, yes, you do win a virtual recognition of all your hard work. It is and remains a personnal challenge. And we are all here to have fun after all !

So here is the list of virtual trophies you may win :
- A golden turtle if your comics or illustrations’ series is finished in due time and published on the official website by Sunday 1pm.
- A silver turtle if youd did a great job but was not able to finish on time (a few days are granted to finish it off).
- A red turtle if you did 24 pages or 24 illustrations.
The turtles will be attributed as thumbnails right next to you alias in the official participants’ list of the 25HBD 2018.

May the courage and determination of the sea turtle inspire you

The 25HBD team, just as the 23HBD team, is composed of volunteers. Names have been deposited at the organizers’ charge – and they are really too nice about that because they are totally broke but highly motivated, savvy ? – to avoid any commercial use. Our sponsors and participants do not give any money on sign up nor any financial participation. All gatherings must respect a total free of charge policy for all participants. Posters and visuals created for the 25HBD events are not royalty free et cannot be used outside of the announcement of the event or for a personnal use. Any misuse will be firmly sanctioned, don’t push the turtle too far.

Memo : if in the future the 25HBD allows itself to ask for any financial help, it will strictly be done using a counterpart system of goodies or a simple donation campaign. Your suggestions to help make the event sustainable are most welcome. Contact : zia@25hbd.com